Spice Up Your Fall with these Home Accessories

The Summer is leaving us, and my absolute favorite time of the year is fast approaching! The Fall has so many fun things to look forward to: Halloween, Thanksgiving, and my birthday. 😉 Another thing I look forward to in the Fall, is festive prep and lots of it. In a couple weeks, my friends […]

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Bellevue’s Largest Arts Festival

I absolutely love art festivals! It reminds me of going on art walks which I used to do back in California. So when I saw that the Bellevue Arts Museum (BAM) Arts Fair was happening a few blocks away from me, I had to go. Art festivals are so exciting. There are a ton of […]

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Summertime Sweetness: Raspberry Shortcake (Part 2 of 2)

Raspberries are in season! Summer is the best time for these little morsels, and if you haven’t already, check out my adventures in Raspberry picking in Part 1. After enduring crazy heat and carnivorous bugs, those 3 pounds of hand-picked raspberries were going to be all the more delicious. And what better a treat than […]

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Visual Gold: San Francisco

San Francisco is only 7 x 7 miles, far smaller than places like Los Angeles or New York. Yet despite having spent over two decades there, I always find some undiscovered gem. Of course, there’s the famous Golden Gate Bridge, the marvelous Ferry Building, and the countless Victorian homes to admire. Going beyond the tired […]

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Design and Sushi at Momiji Seattle

I’m surprised I haven’t written an entry about sushi sooner! It’s my absolute favorite! If I had to pick something to eat every day for dinner for the rest of my life, it would be sushi. There are so many variations ranging from basic fish on rice, to sashimi, to crazy rolls with tempura and […]

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Pop-up Fun: jcoco chocolate

I’ve always been a huge fan of artisanal chocolates, the $1 collection of Snickers, Hersheys, etc were always interchangeable tasteless pieces of wax to me. But when I had my first bite of Chocolove 70%, I knew that there was a world beyond. I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, and I was thrilled to […]

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Buttermilk Waffles with a Maple Berry Sauce

As a brunch aficionado, various types of Eggs Benedict were always my go-to. Sometimes I’d opt for a Skillet, and occasionally the French Toast, but never paid much attention to Waffles. Williams-Sonoma had a giant discount for the Breville Smart Waffle Maker, and I know my Sweetie had been wanting this particular gadget. So I […]

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