Contemporary Architecture: Canada Place

During a recent visit to Vancouver BC, Canada, there was an astounding piece of architecture that stood out most: Canada Place. This contemporary waterfront property has gorgeous design details, inside and out! And you definitely don’t want to skip out on the building’s most iconic landmark, the five giant white sails sitting on top!

Sails Entrance

Canada Place is a multi-use building that houses a number of facilities on the pier including the Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver, Vancouver Convention Centre East, Cruise Ship Terminal, World Trade Centre, and many more.

This massive property sits on a pier overlooking the gorgeous Vancouver Harbour. The façade has integrated the elements of an ocean liner into contemporary design with the use of white on the building exterior, and light blue glass on the windows and awnings to tie in the nautical inspiration. These choices were made to specifically compliment the existing five iconic white sails.


Heading inside the Canada Place Entrance Lobby, I was wowed by the brightly lit interior. The upside-down step pyramid ceiling detail paired with the lighting design is incredibly eye-catching. Then, the glossy stone floors casts a shimmering reflection of the gorgeous ceiling. It’s an overwhelming feeling to be in this massive space with lights all around.


If my neck isn’t straining enough from looking up at the Canada Place Entrance ceiling, as you approach the Entrance to the Vancouver Convention Centre East, there’s a glimpse of the elegant Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver Atrium Lobby ceiling. I love the curved detail in the glass ceiling. It reminds me of the Titantic, full of glamour and luxury, awaiting your next getaway (minus the shipwreck!).


Canada Place also has a gorgeous scenic boardwalk outlining the building’s perimeter. On the boardwalk, you can’t miss the Vancouver Convention Centre West across from Canada Place. The sloping geometry of this building, similar to the the sails, compliments the existing Canada Place. The glass façade allows admirers to get a glimpse inside. Glass is an important part of Vancouver BC’s architectural design. After all, Vancouver BC’s nickname is the “City of Glass”. It’s quite an urban cityscape.


Traveling further down, the boardwalk offers you a closer look at the beautiful five white sails. The swooping curvature on these sails are a fine piece of art on its own!


Then, there’s a gorgeous view of Vancouver BC’s largest urban park: Stanley Park, along with a another famous Vancouver landmark: Lion’s Gate Bridge. It’s an amazing experience to witness the contrasting beauties between natural and urban environments.

Oh! Look at the cute little ducks!…and the not so cute Chevron floating in the photo.

A Closer Look at Lion’s Gate Bridge

Next time you drop by Vancouver BC, Canada, don’t forget to visit Canada Place. Be sure to check out the Vancouver West Convention Centre also! I’m sad I couldn’t!

Canada Place designed by: Zeidler Roberts Partnership, Musson Cattell MacKay Partnership and DA Architects + Planners

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    Great vivid read and photos. Looks like a great place to go visit.

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