Design and Dim Sum at the Embarcadero, San Francisco

Going for Dim Sum is a huge part of Chinese culture because we usually bond/hang out with family and friends over the meal. In Chinese, we call it “yum cha”, which translates to drinking tea. Dim Sum originated from Canton, China, now known as Guangzhou. Traditional Dim Sum is made in bite sized pieces, typically steamed in a round bamboo basket, and had with tea. Now, restaurants have many takes on Dim Sum experimenting with fusion flavors and unique ingredients.

Last weekend I went to Crystal Jade Jiang Nan with my mother for Dim Sum. They have amazing dumplings! It’s definitely on the pricier side. But if you’re looking for a more upscale Dim Sum experience, this is a place to check out. The view is fantastic, and the interior is gorgeous! Prepared to be wowed at the entry.

The minute you walk in the entrance, it’s decorated with Chinese panels and gorgeous chandeliers.


As you walk up the stairs and down the hall, the walls are elegantly lit to highlight the peaceful images of scenic of China.


Here are some of my favorite stylish golden pieces in the waiting area. The gold and black pillows are to die for!


Who can forget the goodies!


The location is magnificent, overlooking the Ferry Plaza. See the Ferry Building and the famous Vaillancourt Fountain of Embarcadero right from your table.


These beautiful restrooms are well-thought-out with a milky stone countertop, paired with warm glistening mosaic tiles for the vanity wall, and elegant wall sconces.


Designed by Ken Fulk, Crystal Jade is a must to check out for its stunning restaurant and bar. It creates a nice harmony between traditional and modern design with Chinese motifs and its alluring color palette and materials.

**Special Note: If you know anything about San Francisco, it’s the ridiculously long waits for brunch and Dim Sum. Crystal Jade takes reservations so you don’t have to worry about waiting 2+ hours!

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