DIY Fall Candy Corn Wreath

It’s not too late to put up Fall decor! If you need a last-minute decor idea for Halloween, and don’t want to take down your decorations by November (it’s right around the corner!), this Fall Candy Corn Wreath will work great through Thanksgiving!


When the idea of a “wreath” comes to mind, you may think of Winter and Christmas. And if you are thinking about a Fall wreath, you may think of dried wheat and leaves. But this Candy Corn Wreath will create a lively Fall vibe in your home with its bright white, orange, and yellow colors. It’s really easy to do, you can make it any size, and it won’t break the bank.

Another fantastic thing about this project is that you can reuse old cardboard boxes to build this wreath! Why recycle when you can upcycle? But if you don’t have any extra boxes to use, you can pick some up at any packing or shipping supplies store: UPS, U-HAUL, FedEx, etc.



– Scissors
– Ruler (Optional)
– 1 Bag of Candy Corn (22 oz) **For the model shown** Eat the leftovers, or use them as vase fillers!
– White Glue with applicator tip
– Cup or No-Spill Paint Tub for the glue
– Cup for brush water
– Water
– Pencil

**For the sample shown**
– 4 pieces of cardboard (Any size you like. I used four 15” x 15” pieces)
– Outer Yellow Ring: 13.5” Across, 10.5” Cutout
– Middle Ring for Candy Corn Backing (2 pieces of cardboard): 12” Across, 8.5” Cutout
– Inner White Ring: 9.5” Across, 6.5” Cutout

– Round, traceable materials like various sized bowls. You can also use a compass, or a large ruler to create your circles.
– 2 Paintbrushes
– Yellow Tempera or Acrylic Paint
– White Tempera or Acrylic Paint
– Yellow or Gold Glitter Glue (Optional)
– White Glitter Glue (Optional)
– Plastic Paint Tray
– Old Newspapers, or work surface to cut, paint, and glue on (it can get messy!)


Candy Corn, paint brush, tracing forms, cardboard, white glue, cup/no-spill paint tub, and scissors.

Before you start working, lay down some old newspapers, or prepare a disposable surface to work on.

1. Get a piece of cardboard, and trace your desired circle size for the Outer Ring with a pencil.
My measurements were 13.5” Across. 10.5” Interior Cutout. Then use scissors to cut out the circles.
2. Repeat Step 1 **TWICE** (Candy Corn Backing) with a smaller measurement. This Middle Ring will sit on top of the Outer Ring. **Having two pieces for the Middle Ring will strengthen the backing without warping the cardboard!**
My measurements were 12” Across. 8.5” Interior Cutout. The two pieces for the Middle Ring should be identical.
3. Repeat Step 1 for the Inner Ring with a smaller measurement than the Middle Ring.
My measurements were 9.5” Across. 6.5” Interior Cutout.

For the Middle Ring:

4. Pour your desired amount of glue in a cup or a no-spill paint tub. Gather the two identical rings and use 1 paintbrush to brush a thin layer of white glue on ONLY ONE side of each ring. Let it dry for about 2-3 mins.

5. Sandwich the glue-covered sides together to form a thicker ring.
6. Get the Candy Corn and brush glue on one side of the Candy Corn and adhere to cardboard.
**Tip: Paint glue onto a small section of the cardboard where you will place the candy corn. Do this in small sections so the glue doesn’t dry out.**
Continue until the ring is completely covered in Candy Corns.

For the Outer Ring and Inner Ring:

Other paint brush, paint tray, cup/no-spill paint tub with water, and paints (glitter optional).

7. Paint the Outer Ring and Inner Ring with your choice of colors. Let dry completely. The rings will morph a little, but they will be fine. Don’t worry!
I followed the Candy Corn color pattern, but you don’t have to! Feel free to get creative!
OPTIONAL: Get the glitter glue and brush it on each of your rings for a sparkling look! Let dry completely.

Forming the Wreath Together:

8. Flip the Middle Ring back side facing up, and gently squeeze out a thin line of glue close to the outer edge of the ring. Then, take the Outer Ring facing up, and gently squeeze a thin line of glue close to the inner edge of the ring.

9. Flip the Middle Ring facing up, and place it on top of the Outer Ring. Then use magazines or a light book and place it on top of the pieces to hold down your almost-completed wreath.

10. Flip the new larger ring back side facing up, and gently squeeze the glue along the inner edge of the ring.

11. Take the Inner Ring facing up, and gently squeeze a thin line of glue along the outer edge of the ring. Then, flip the Inner Ring facing down and adhere to the larger ring. Use magazines or a light book and place it on top of the pieces to hold down your completed wreath.

Flip over and your Candy Corn Wreath is complete!
**I chose a decorative ribbon to hang up my wreath. You can place it loose on your mantel, or on top of a shelf!**

“Witch Better Have My Candy!” Happy Halloween!

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