Give Your Coffee Table a New Year’s Makeover

Happy New Year!!! In my book, we’re still allowed to say that until January is over! :)

Now that the holidays are over and the holiday decorations are coming down, it can feel like your home is going naked without all the glitz and glitter. But it doesn’t have to feel that way!

An easy way to liven up your home is to style your coffee table. Simple additions like plants, flowers, and/or books can go a long way. They don’t need to be expensive, and there doesn’t need to be a lot. See what works best for your personal taste and lifestyle.


Add a plant or a vase full of flowers

  • Succulents: Easy to maintain and adds a modern and clean touch to your space. They look wonderful with only one, or can be grouped together with different species for a more complex look.
  • Lucky Bamboo (my favorite): Easy to maintain. Great for Feng Shui if you’re down with that 😉 . Gives your space a sleek and elegant feel.
  • Flowers: So much room for personalization and creativity! There are infinite ways to choose and arrange flowers, and you can create a variety of looks from subdued to attention-grabbing, fun to elegant, or anything in between.

    These are some flowers that will last over a week and don’t need much maintenance:

    • Hydrangeas
    • Gerbera Daisies
    • Daisies
    • Chrysanthemums

    If you want to take a more hands-on approach with caring for your flowers, then try some of these:

    • Tulips
    • Calla Lilies
    • Lilies
    • Peruvian Lilies
    • Iris
    • Roses



A ton of sizes and scents to choose from. You can get one or group a few together. They smell amazing and look luxurious.

If you don’t have a candle preference already, Papyrus has fantastic inexpensive candles.

Willing to spend a little more? Anthropologie’s candles offer a more decorative appearance.

For those who are into environmental sustainability, soy candles can easily be found at Nordstrom.

Candle Holders

Not a fan of scented candles? Try pairing candle holders with some tea light candles or long tapered candles for your coffee table. They come in various design styles ranging from classical to contemporary. They also have the ability to create a multi-level look on your coffee table.

Some stores to find candle holders are at Crate and Barrel, West Elm, and Williams-Sonoma.

Candy Dish

You can go simple with a box or more complex with something ornate. Candy dishes are fun and don’t forget to fill them with a sweet treat. They can also be filled with stones, marbles, dried flowers, or for a unique twist – try going with multicolored candied fennel seeds used in India as an after dinner digestive.

Shop them at Bloomingdale’s boxes & dishes and at West Elm’s boxes & dishes.


To start selecting your coffee table book, think about your personal interests. Is it Food? Fashion? Aviation? Cars? Pick out a book that has a ton of visuals. See Chanel and Tom Ford books for some samples.

Coffee table books are great to use as a base to keep things grounded. You can go with one or stack a few together. They’re a chic addition to your space.

Amazon has the widest selection, but if you want to check out the books in-person, you can go to Urban Outfitters, Barnes and Noble, or even your local used book store for a vintage find.


Anything else

If the above items don’t strike your fancy, here are some other items to get your imagination going:

  • Cocktail Trays: Good for keeping all your TV remotes in once place, and keeping your tchotchkes together.
  • Sculptures: Express your personality, you can go a bit risqué or go abstract and minimal. Always a good conversation topic if you have guests over.
  • Vases: You’ll need one to keep your flowers in, but if you don’t have any flowers, they can look good standalone. Some ideas are Peacock feathers, artificial branches & leaves (like you find at Michael’s), or nothing at all.
  • Anything else that expresses your personality, complements the style of your room, or that your guests would enjoy looking at.

Styling your coffee table is one of the easiest and cost efficient ways to perk up your space. Most importantly, have fun!


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