Hello Kitty Hungry Hunt in Seattle

Hello Kitty has landed in Seattle to host her Hungry Hunt! The Hungry Hunt offers a variety of delicious food and beverages from local eateries. With your purchase of a Hello Kitty food item, it comes with an adorable limited edition Hungry Hunt pin. There are seven restaurants total, and started my journey on the Hungry Hunt the day after it started on February 19th. (Ends March 18th)

HK Poster

HK Pie
My first stop at PIE was super easy. There was a very small line outside. After purchasing my cute little berry pie, I thought it was very tasty! It had a chocolate crust with a lemon raspberry filling. The pie was fantastic since the sweetness was minimized from the tartness of the lemon flavor. Very good, and would totally go back!

HK Sandwich
POP Kitchen + Bar
For the second stop at POP Kitchen + Bar at the EMP Museum (Experience Music Project), there was no line and was pretty empty when I stopped in for lunch. Though the item was a $15 Turkey Apple Grilled Cheese Sandwich, the portions were generous, and the pin is very adorable.

The sandwich was quite delicious with a mix of sweet fruit and savory meat and cheeses. The grilled cheese was made with a pink cheese and took me a while to get used it to before biting into the sandwich. However, the highlight of the dish were the potato chips paired on the side. Those thick, crispy slices of pure golden goodness were amazing!

HK Japonessa
The third stop at Japonessa was when the Hunt started to get difficult. I went in after work around 4:30pm and they told me that they started to cap the sales of the Hello Kitty Spicy Tuna Sushi at 30 per day. They recommended calling in the order for pick up, and also let me know that they had 15 orders called in already before noon that day (they open at 11:30am)! Talk about a Hello Kitty frenzy in Seattle!

Going to Japonessa for the second time, I made sure to get there 10 minutes before they opened. As I was down the block from the restaurant, there was a huge crowd outside and that’s when it struck me as to how obsessed Seattle was with Hello Kitty. It was cute that Hello Kitty was doing a Hungry Hunt at the beginning, then it started to feel like insanity.

Thankfully, I was able to order the Hello Kitty Spicy Tuna Sushi. It definitely looked a lot better than it tasted. I’ve been to Japonessa a few times before and it’s actually one of my favorite sushi spots in Seattle. This Hello Kitty dish was not representative of how the items on their regular menu tasted. The flavors weren’t memorable and there wasn’t anything special about the dish other than its physical appearance. It was a bit disappointing and very expensive for the dish, but the Hello Kitty pin really is to die for!

HK Pins

For my next few unsuccessful stops to Trophy Cupcakes & Party, Hello Robin Cookies, and Molly Moon’s Ice Cream, I decided to end the search for Hello Kitty pins. (I didn’t have a chance to visit the last place on the list, Gossip Espresso & Tea)

After Trophy and Hello Robin recommended lining up before they opened, it was getting ridiculous at that point. Molly Moon’s actually put up a “Sold Out!” sign out on their store front, yet there was a growing crowd outside as it got closer to opening time.

It was a fun journey even though I collected less than half the pins. Now that I think back to it, I don’t know what came over me to pay so much for sandwiches and pies…but isn’t she so cute?!

You can also visit Hello Kitty at the EMP Museum located in the Seattle Center. They have a great exhibit with all kinds of surprises from Hello Kitty.

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