Tile Design Spotting

Tile is one of the most versatile materials used in design.

Aside from using it for flooring and doing a backsplash, it can be laid out to form a gorgeous wall or an unexpected ceiling.

Below are some of my favorite selections from tile spotting! The unique shapes and combinations are one-of-a-kind.


Top Left
The shape of the arabesque tile always brings me back in time to a historical period. The fine, contrasting grout and large size of the marble tile is an elegant update on this classic design.

I’m always a fan of subway tile. It’s simple, classic, and always beautiful.

Top Right
Love the funky twist on the classic chevron tile pattern! The curved lines creates a softer look, and definitely has a sensual, feminine feel to it.

Any Kelly Wearstler fans out there? This striking tile was designed by her. The lines are insanely mesmerizing. If you love glam like I do, totally drool over this!

Snapped a photo of two beautiful Greek Key tile borders right next to each other at the famous Seattle King St. Station.

Love the 3D illusion of this 2D tile created with the manipulation of shapes and mimicked shading with white, grays, and black.

Bottom Left
Gray is no doubt a minimalist pick. This textured gray tile would make an amazing minimal style bath interior, for a complete wrap-around look!

This 3D Gray Hex tile has a futuristic feel to it. Not to mention I love hex tiles! The shape always reminds me of the hex tiles on the walls of the MUNI/BART stations in San Francisco.

Bottom Right
The unique organic dots in this tile have a fluid movement compared to the other geometric tiles in this series. I love that the dots are floating in the white background, like Oreo cookie crumbs in milk.

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